R. Aimo e R. Palmer

Tales from the British Isles

Level A1
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In questo reader sono presenti leggende, miti, favole e fiabe appartenenti al folklore delle Isole Britanniche: King Arthur, la più famosa leggenda inglese; Robin Hood, l’eroe dell’Inghilterra medioevale che ruba ai ricchi per dare ai poveri; Owain, le imprese cavalleresche dell’eroe della mitologia gallese; The Sprightly Tailor, un sarto scozzese che riesce a portare a termine il suo lavoro con determinazione nonostante la presenza di un orribile mostro; Deirdre, la disperata storia d’amore di una bellissima fanciulla irlandese.

The folklore of the British Isles has produced famous and beautiful legends, myths, fables and fairy tales. Among these: King Arthur, the most famous English legend with its protagonists Merlin, Lancelot, Guinevere, the Holy Grail and Excalibur; Robin Hood, the hero of Medieval England that steals from the rich to give to the poor; Owain, the hero of Welsh mythology, a brave knight that has a lot of adventurous stories in this book; The Sprightly Tailor, a very determined Scottish tailor that finishes his work in an old church where a terrible monster lives; Deirdre, the desperate love story of a very beautiful Irish girl.
Each tale presents a closer examination of one of the themes of the story.

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