The British Empire

  • Stories from the five continents
  • J. Conrad, R. Kipling, H. Lawson, H.R. Haggard, G. Parker
  • Level B2 • Intermediate

The British Empire
Stories from the five Continents

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Level B2
volume + CD audio

A historical overview of the largest empire of all time, from its origins to the decline and then the Commonwealth, through five stories from the five continents, told by: Joseph Conrad (An Outpost of Progress), keen observer of European colonialism in Africa; Rudyard Kipling (Lispeth, India); Henry Lawson (The Drover’s Wife, Australia); Henry Rider Haggard (Long Odds, South Africa); Gilbert Parker (A Man, A Famine and a Heathen Boy, Canada).
Stimulating in-depth analyses enrich each story.

Teacher's Resources available online: Answer Key - Transcripts - Summing-up Activities

Uno sguardo storico al più grande impero di tutti i tempi, dalle origini al declino e al Commonwealth con cinque storie per i cinque continenti narrate da: J. Conrad (An Outpost of Progress, acuto osservatore del colonialismo britannico in Africa); R. Kipling (Lispeth, India); H. Lawson (The Drover’s Wife, Australia); H. R. Haggard (Long Odds, Sudafrica); G. Parker (A Man, a Famine and a Heathen Boy, Canada).



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