a cura di G. D’Amico e M.C. Distefano 

Level B1
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Terrifying headless knights, likeable living ghosts and mysterious, silent people from the past both torment and enliven the lives of the remarkable protagonists of these stories. They are all set in a country going through great changes, starting with the American Revolution and the separation from the British monarchy, leaving behind old traditions and customs for new ones.
Irving succeeds in giving life to very singular characters who still belong to the American cultural background today; in particular, the lanky and impressionable Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and the lazy and carefree Rip Van Winkle in the story of the same name.
The Spectre Bridegroom completes this clear and vivid picture of an emerging late eighteenth-century America.
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Terrificanti cavalieri senza testa, attraenti fantasmi viventi e misteriose persone dal passato tormentano e al contempo ravvivano la vita dei singolari protagonisti di queste storie, ambientate in un paese in fase di grandi cambiamenti, dalla rivoluzione americana alla separazione dalla monarchia britannica.
Irving dà vita a personaggi molto particolari che, ancora oggi, appartengono al background culturale americano, delineando l’immagine suggestiva e suggestionabile di un’emergente America di inizio Ottocento.




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