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Wuthering Heights is considered to be one of the greatest works in English literature because of its plot, the gallery of characters which spans two generations, the Gothic element and its sentimental and psychological aspects.
It is the disturbing story of an impossible love from the first childish games on the Yorkshire moors up to Cathy’s death and beyond, in a desperate pursuit of love which transcends life. Grudges, wickedness and cruel revenge, together with bursts of human generosity and passion, all take place inside or not far away from the main character of this novel: the house, i.e. “Wuthering Heights”.
The numerous in-depth analyses are about the Brontë sisters, the setting of the story, the writer’s poetry, music and works of art inspired by Wuthering Heights, its adaptations for cinema, and the Gothic element present in the novel.

Teacher's Resources available online: Answer Key - Transcripts - Summing-up Activities

Wuthering Heights di Emily Brontë è considerata una delle più grandi opere della letteratura inglese.
È la storia inquietante di un amore impossibile. Rancori, perfidie e vendette crudeli accanto a slanci di umana partecipazione si svolgono tutti dentro o poco distanti dal protagonista assoluto del romanzo: la casa, chiamata “Wuthering Heights”.
I numerosi approfondimenti vertono su Emily e le sorelle Brontë, la poesia dell’autrice, i film e la musica e la tematica gotica che il romanzo ha ispirato.



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